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What is Optometry and Is there scope for optometry ?

If someone is working with people helping them solve their eye problems then that is exactly what an optometrist does.

An optometrist course is done after completing high school with biology and it is a 4 years course in India called either as B.Sc Optometry or B.Optometry and there is no difference in the name, either way you become an optometrist on completing the course.

In optometry courses, students have a very high chance of succeeding because it involves all your senses in learning unlike outdated old syllabus book based learning. Here you learn by doing, with visuals and involving in discussions. Of course reading too.

Is Optometry a Paramedical Course ?

Is optometry a paramedical course?

No it is not.

Paramedics are the first responders when someone is sick, injured or requires transportation to the hospital they work as a part of the emergency medical services. Many of them mistake optometry to be a paramedical course but Optometry is an Allied health science course. As an optometrist you are trained to work like a general physician who will find out what is the reason for someone’s illness whether it is fever or any other ailments they seem to suffer from. Top 10 Optometry colleges in Tamilnadu You will find out the reason for their vision problems and help them solve this. An optometrist are trained to use the Retinoscope and many more instruments like Slit lamp, Keratometer, Applanation Tonometer, gonioscope, A Scan etc., which is part of the curriculum when you learn. It helps when you learn its application rather than just the concepts for examination.

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Is there a scope for optometry?

Worldwide out of 7 billion people, 4 billion people have challenges with their vision. It is a concern that the World Health Organisation talks about. This is found to be increasing with more and more using digital devices more frequently. In fact a study by the interns of IIVM College of Optometry shows that, if someone has used the digital devices for 4-6 hours before COVID seems to be using 8-12 hours post COVID. With diabetes on the rise in India, there is an alarming number of eye problems in the country. Every year, this huge Indian population needs to have constant eye health done to save their eyesight from stopping them to be an earning member for the family.  An eye check up by a professional optometrist is more a necessity than a luxury.

As an optometrist, one has multiple career opportunities world-wide. They can work in Eye Hospitals, Health care organisations, International health program managers, Project heads, Administration and Management, Social work/public health, Corporate social responsibility, Scientist, Publishing, consultants, Government enterprises, Business of their own hospital or chain of clinics, Teachers of life sciences, humanities, optometry, Techno commercial Trainers, etc.

The optometrist also has a choice of various fellowships to specialise in or to pursue their post graduate master degree in optometry and Ph.D. Best Optometry Colleges in Coimbatore

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