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How to choose the right course after 12th ?

This will be based upon your needs and your parent’s desire for you.

Setting a conducive environment is most important before you really know how to choose the course.

First agree to share a time where both parents and children can come together to talk about this. Most important tip for the parent is to ask questions and resist the temptation to talk. If the youngster talks for 70% of the time, you have won the deal.

For the children change from your predictable pattern of behaviour which you easily tend to react in whenever you talk to your parents.

For the parents understand what your children needs. Top 10 Optometry Colleges in Coimbatore Whatever they express, do not be judgemental, let them voice out, please do not advice they hate being told what to do.

When you, either a parent or a student have a desire for a particular college, do express why you desire for this place.

When you, either a parent or a student have a desire for a particular college, do express why you desire for this place.

5 Reasons you should not choose a college or course on:

1. All in your family studied there / or someone who is successful studied there – because each one are different and the new generation need newer challenging environment with a lot of acceptance than age old system of working.

2. It will be good to tell that you are studying in a very old famous name institution or a unique course because in our culture everyone asks what your child is doing.

3. The institution is nearer to your home. Children should come out of comfort zone and like nurturing a plant; one does not grow in the shadow of the other tree. They must have opportunities to face challenges and think how to solve them without the help of parents so that they can take leadership at home soon.

4. Don’t go by the name of any specific university alone. Find out who will be the supervisor under whom the children will be. They must be passionate and committed to help the youth evolve to a greater level in life. If the university is recognised by your state Government/ UGC/ AICTE/ even an autonomous body like AIMS, it is good to go. Best optometry College in India Choosing a supervisor with a good repute is more important.

5. Don’t look for placement history of the past alone; life style is a lot different before COVID and after COVID. It is more important to find out if they have an exit exam where the children are certified on their competencies like skills, attitude and knowledge.

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