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8 Mistakes that Students and Parents make while choosing a course after 12th standard

"8 Common Mistakes Students Should Avoid When Choosing a Course After 12th Standard:

1. Many students harbor aspirations without a clear goal, as they've witnessed the prevailing trend where admission into courses or colleges is solely determined by marks. For instance, a passionate automobile enthusiast might end up in mechatronics due to the demand for specific courses in a renowned college, settling for what is available.

2. Some decisions to pursue a course are clouded by doubts and fears about the ability to afford donations and fees. The lack of courage to choose what they truly desire often influences their choices Best Optometry college in Tamilnadu.

3. A significant number of students opt to follow their friends or classmates, seeking the comfort of having familiar faces around, believing that life will be easier.

4. Decision-making is sometimes influenced by the advice of relatives or elders, who emphasize the potential scope or job opportunities associated with a particular course, leading students to choose paths they might not be genuinely interested in.

5. A prevalent misconception is that a high score automatically translates to proficiency in science subjects, prompting students to opt for complex subjects in science and technology without considering their actual interests and aptitudes.

6. Despite an interest in a specific profession, such as medicine, some students shy away due to apprehensions about the required extensive study hours. This fear often leads them to opt for an easier course.

7. A common belief is that success is guaranteed by choosing a course that a family member, like a brother or father, has pursued. However, success is subjective and influenced by individual strengths and interests.

8. The proximity of a college to their home sometimes becomes the sole factor in choosing where to join, overshadowing other crucial considerations in making a well-informed decision.

'No Right or Wrong, Just What's Right for You - Tailor Your Career to Your Skills and Passions'

A career is not the same as a job. It is a vocation that gives you an identity, a direction. Right career can ensure you enjoy your work all your life. When you enjoy your work, money comes automatically Top 10 optometry colleges in Tamilnadu.  There are no Right and wrong careers. It should suit your interest, aptitude and skills and not based on what your friends or family are doing or because someone says there is scope for it now. Science courses or medical and technology is not only for those who are with more marks. The more effort one takes, the more marks they will get. Don’t argue with your parents, get more information on what you like and show it to them logically. List out the subjects you are good in and the subjects you enjoy.

Everyone of us has unique capabilities and each capability opens-up to a very good career for you. There are innumerable choices and this digital era has opportunities for quality life and high income for all those who are willing to offer quality products or services. Today it is all about how clear you are in what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve. So it is not about where you passed out from. Therefore, paying donations for the brand name is a thing of the past unless some want to do it for their ego.  If you struggled in school with certain subjects or learning from books, here is a good news, there are many choices for you to learn without mugging up or studying theory but to learn by involving and practicing what you learned in the classroom. If you are good at what you are doing, you can grow fast. That means, your competencies play a big role in deciding your career ahead. There are very few institutes who takes extra time and care to assess the students individually and help them develop this when they are with the them for 3 years for which IIVM College of Optometry stands. Choose for such institutes rather than choosing a college based on whether your friends are there or you relatives went there. Students become more competent when they are made to solve their problems by staying away from their parents.

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