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From Learning Difficulties to Poor Social Skills: How Undiagnosed Vision Problems Can Affect Your Child’s Life ?

Can too much screen time truly be detrimental to our children’s development, or is it just a myth ?

No, It is NOT a myth but a bitter truth.

As we all know , the visual system is a complex system, and each one of us has a crucial role in providing an adequate amount of information through visual stimuli to our children. Top 10 Optometry Colleges in Tamilnadu But the challenge in this era is children are exposed more to visual strains at a very young age and this is turning into a lifestyle pattern.

"Too much of anything is good for Nothing"

Gadgets and exposure to near work such as reading, writing, doing homework, drawing, playing instruments, crafting etc., have become a significant part of our lifestyle. Excessive visual input, particularly from screens and digital devices, at a young age can have a remarkable negative impact on a child's development, including their social, behavioral, communication and academic skills

Can too much screen time truly be detrimental to our children’s development, or is it just a myth ? No, It is NOT a myth but a bitter truth

How vision is crucial in child's development ?

Visual system is a crucial developmental system when compared to all other systems in our body. Vision growth in a child is a COMPLEX process that needs proper care, consistent attention and monitoring to ensure eye health.  

The visual inputs that are acquired by a child in the span of 2 years after birth can significantly create an impact in their life.

As we all know children acquire more knowledge through visual inputs, about 80% of the student population are visual learners.


Does your child facing the following challenges ?  

Important Note: Take a minute to analyse and understand your child’s challenges by filling the form

- learning difficulties

- Eyes do not align properly but looks in different directions (people think it as a sign of  good luck)

- Eye that wanders inward and outward

- eye muscle weakness

- loss of memory

- in-attention

- poor social communication and interactions

Following are the common symptoms that  Best Optometry colleges in Coimbatore may indicate vision problems in school-aged children which are being ignored or not given adequate attention, while some of these issues may be addressed by teachers or parents.

- Difficulty in copying from the board

- Covering one or both eyes

- Rubbing of eyes frequently

- Headaches or eye pain/ strain while reading

- Poor reading comprehension

- Difficulty in completing homework on time

- Poor attention and concentration in class

- Avoiding studies or disinterest in near activities

- Holding books close to the eyes

- Poor reading, writing and handwriting skills

- Losing/ mixing up lines while reading

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Can such children get help ?

Yes, through Vision Therapy.

Optometrists who specialize in vision therapy are trained to diagnose eye conditions in children at an early stage, using a comprehensive work-up that may include a range of tests and assessments. This is important because early detection and intervention can help prevent or minimize the impact of vision problems on a child's development and academic performance.

In addition to the comprehensive work-up, optometrists use following various criteria to assess a child's vision status

1. Orientation

2. Eye Movements

3. Eye Teaming Activities [accommodation & vergence]

4. Visual attention and Span

5. Visual information processing

By assessing these criteria, optometrists can gain a better understanding of a child's vision status and determine vision therapy or other interventions appropriately based on the severity to address any underlying vision problems that may be affecting their development and academic performance.

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