Happy Student


With well qualified and caring staff to guide us, I have not only learned many things here, but can also share my learning through public speaking and Presentations. I have gained a lot from the college and encourage others to gain from here too.

- Varun Kumar V , Dharapuram

Coming from Kerala, I was worried about staying away in hostel in TN. Now I feel that everyone in IIVM is a family. Facilities are very good and it is a very encouraging environment. I benefit from all round learning, health and personal development, which is not given in any other colleges

- Sandra Maria B. Palakkad

I have not stayed away from home and don’t speak any other language than Malayalam. I have learned more here, changed from shy to confident, learnt Tamil and English, It’s a happy place with lots of assisted learning and practical sessions. Teachers are very helpful for this

- Ajisha K Ajayan, Agali

Learning Optometry in IIVM, helps me gain a lot of knowledge in eye diseases and solving any problems that we and our patients face. Being here, I know that, I have a great future

- N Muthubharathi, Tirupur

Job opportunity was the only thing my parents wanted for me. I chose this course for that. I am proud I decided to join here. This course at IIVM prepares me very well for growing and giving back to community. Faculty here care for us like their own children.

- S Madhumidha, Tirupur

I am proud and happy that i am studying in IIVM. We are learning a lot through camps and by serving others. We are able to do the role of Optometrist with confidence because of very responsible staffs and very supportive friends.

- Nittumol Babu, Idukki

Here faculty help in studies very well. This course is all about helping others. I have changed how I talk and behave. I believe that I am helping others to see the world better.

- Jeevikaa.M, Coimbatore

During the beginning of this course, I was so timid and shy that I would not even talk to faculty. Now I am bold and knowledgeable not only in optometry but also in other skills of handling people and working with them. I am confident that all who are with IIVM will be better prepared to handle their life and their future.

- A Devadharsedha, Coimbatore

I came in very shy to speak with girls and was taught right from how to dress to how to learn to how to be fit. We have yoga every day along with our Active learning. Now I am confident and contribute to all the events of the college.

- M Arun , Coimbatore

IIVM is a safe zone to learn and grow. I stay in the hostel and was not able to ask my mom everything. Now IIVM has made me independent. We are not only taught to treat people with eye disorders but also taught how to be ready as a person to give service to people. This is a perfect place to become a professional optometrist in knowledge and behaviour.

- L Abarna, Tirupur

I came from Tamil medium school from Madurai. Was worried about English, notes taking, how the students in this city will be, staying in hostel etc., The college is so good in guiding and learning that now I am bold, and do all the work alone and have improved in English too. Enjoy all the activities we have here college.

- A Divya, Madurai

Joining B.Sc Optometry here in IIVM has changed my life become better. The faculty understand us and teach us to our learning style. Now I can learn, speak and write better than what I came with and my parents feel I am good to them and don’t get angry like before.

- G Naveen. Dharapuram

I came here with a reference of our Doctor who said this course has many opportunity for getting job. I was a very shy student who wants someone with me to do any work. Now I have gained confidence to do all the practical alone and have learnt a lot about eye.

- S Anisha., Ooty

In the beginning I came here with fear because I am slow to make friends. However, faculties here are so efficient and caring they made me realize my capacity and strength. This is one place where equal importance is given for learning with happiness in lots of activities.

- Sutharshini .N. Ganapathy